Organic Foundations

Organic Luxury Foundation

The Naturepedic organic luxury foundation is made from many of the the same materials as our mattresses, most notably organic cotton fabric and batting. The internal frame is constructed from high quality FSC certified wood, providing strong balanced suppport for your mattress. Available in a 7″ standard profile or a 4″ low profile design.

Note: Naturepedic luxury mattresses can optionally be used directly on platform bed frames with no foundation necessary (slats should be no more than 2-3 inches apart).


Conductor Adjustable Bed Base

The Conductor organic adjustable bed base replaces the usual polyurethane foam, flame retardants and synthetic fabrics with organic latex, organic wool batting, and organic cotton upholstery fabric. Provides a cleaner, healthier, more natural sleep environment. Compatible with the Naturepedic Essentials and the Quartet. Powered by the Reverie® 7S.

Ergonomic wireless backlit remote with 3 pre-programmed positions (Flat, Zer-Gravity & Anti-Snore), 2 personal programmable positions and 3 pre-programmed massage wave modes. Adjustable leg height (3.5″, 5″ or 8.5″). Safety stop feature. Frequency massage technology. Optional blue-tooth module allows base to be controlled by iPhone/iPad/Droid app.