Organic Mattresses

Savvy Rest beds and accessories, for the sleep you’ve been dreaming of!

Savvy Rest Layering

Savvy Rest organic mattresses are made of 3-inch layers, in your choice of Dunlop or Talalay natural latex. They are offered in combinations of soft, medium and/or firm, all chosen by you for a custom, comfortable sleep. You can even customize each side of the bed for individualized comfort. The casings are made of organic cotton fabric with wool batting for a soft, natural finish.


Serenity---indoor-(72dpi)The Serenity is built of three, 3″ layers in your choice of Talalay and/or Dunlop natural latex. The Serenity layers can be personalized in combinations of soft, medium and/or firm. The casing is composed of sturdy organic cotton and wool batting.



  • Custom firmness
  • Customize each side (Queen, King, California King only)
  • Custom sizes available, any dimension or shape
  • Place on rigid, slatted foundation or platform bed
  • Total height 10″

Serenity Pillowtop

The Serenity Pillowtop has four 3″ layers. It is the Serenity mattress with the Harmony latex topper on top.

  • Extra luxurious surface for sore joints and muscles
  • Customize each side (Queen, King, California King only)
  • Place on rigid, slatted foundation or platform bed
  • Total height 13″


tranquility-latexThe Tranquility is made just like the Serenity, but with two 3” layers of natural latex. It’s a good choice for toddler beds, bunk beds, or for smaller adults who like a quite-firm mattress. It is not recommended for people weighing over 160 pounds.

  • Customized firmness for each individual
  • Customized on each side for couples (Queen, King, California King only)
  • Custom sizes for antique or unusually-shaped beds
  • Place on rigid, slatted foundation or platform bed
  • Total height: 7”


Pastoral-full-(72dpi)The Pastoral does not contain latex, instead it is filled with organic wool batting inside a tufted organic cotton cover. This mattress promotes a cooler, drier sleep environment. Each is handmade and flexible enough to use as a futon.



  • Light yet breathable support
  • Organic cotton twill cover
  • Promotes comfortable body temperature
  • Place a bed rug over foundation or platform bed
  • Custom sizes can be made
  • Mattress height 4.5″

Understand that like any wool-filled mattress the Pastoral is subject to some degree of compression over time. To reduce compression rotate and flip the Pastoral regularly.

Wool fill weights

  • Twin 22 lbs
  • TXL 24 lbs
  • Full 31 lbs
  • Queen 38 lbs
  • King 48 lbs
  • California King 48 lbs

Savvy Rest Simple Fit Collection

Savvy Rest Simple fit mattresses are made with economy in mind. These are fine choices for people who would like to change to a non-toxic mattress, but do not need customized firmness. Great for growing children.

Earthspring Simple Fit Mattress

Earthspring-corner-(72dpi)The Earthspring is an innerspring made with recycled steel spring (by Bonnell)  topped with a 3″ layer of Dunlop natural latex. The innerspring is surrounded by .8 cm sheets of coir (coconut fiber blended with natural latex). The mattress has a organic cotton fabric and wool batting casing. The casing does not open and is not customizable.

The Earthspring is a comfortable, supportive, resilient mattress that can be placed on a Savvy Rest foundation or platform bed.

  • Total height 9″

Simplicity Simple Fit Mattress

Simplicity-corner-(72dpi)The Simplicity is an extra firm mattress built with a combination of natural materials such as a breathable base of coir (natural coconut fiber blended with natural latex), 3″ medium Dunlop latex, and certified organic cotton fabric. The casing doesn’t open and the Simplicity is not customizable. The Simplicity can be placed on a Savvy Rest foundation or a platform bed.


  • Total height 6″
  • Flame retardant

So how do you know what combination is right for you? That is where NightTime by Nature comes in! We welcome you to our showroom, inform you of your options, and assist with picking out the perfect organic bed for you! You get to experience the products before you finalize your purchase so you know you are getting exactly what works best for you.

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