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North Florida's organic mattress & bedding store, located in JacksonvilleNorth Florida's organic mattress & bedding store, located in JacksonvilleNorth Florida's organic mattress & bedding store, located in JacksonvilleNorth Florida's organic mattress & bedding store, located in Jacksonville

About Us

Why organic?

Why Organic?

You deserve restful sleep in a bed that is beautiful and luxuriously comfortable. But it should also be toxin-free, unlike most beds which are manufactured from harmful synthetics and petrochemicals. We choose to offer the highest quality products from only those trustworthy companies that use sustainable, ecological practices and the finest, purest materials. Good for you, your family, and your world. 

We have a wide selection of mattresses made with organic latex (real natural rubber made from rubber trees), as well as latex-free beds. We have innerspring mattresses (individually wrapped coils), as well as beds that are completely metal-free. Most of our mattresses are made naturally flame retardant with the use of wool alone. We also have beds that are vegan and wool-free and made naturally flame resistant with another flame retardant fiber produced from non-GMO vegetables. 

While you sleep, you should be free of toxic chemical exposure. Give your body the rest that it needs.

NightTime as it should be...

NightTime by Nature.  

Why by appointment only?


We know your time is valuable. We also respect your privacy. So our schedule is flexible and we are open most days and evenings for appointments that will conveniently accommodate your schedule. We also work to ensure individual time during your visit to our showroom. Providing time so that you don't feel rushed as you comfortably see and feel the different mattress and bedding options. Time where we can focus on you and your needs, without the distraction or awkwardness of trying to help others at the same time. This also adds a feeling of safety and calm. (Essential elements of recreating good sleep.)

Why us?


We have chosen organic mattress and bedding manufacturers who have been in this industry from the beginning. American companies with excellent reputations for quality products, truly clean materials, and reliable customer service. We do not use conventional companies that have decided to jump on the "green" or "healthy" bandwagon. Or that use language to make their products appear to be what they are not. 

We've also chosen those who focus on brick and mortar stores, not online sales. Those who want to see small, local, and family businesses (like ours!) prosper. We also want to ensure that these companies will be around for many years to warranty their products, unlike many online companies. 

Lastly, by coming to an actual showroom, you can see and feel the mattresses and bedding without the risks of buying sight unseen or getting questionable (or undisclosed) materials. You will also always receive personalized attention and excellent customer service. 


We have offer quality products from Naturepedic, OMI and Savvy Rest. 


Our showroom...

has customizable mattresses, available in every size. We have beds made with organic latex (from rubber trees), innersprings, organic cotton and wool. All made naturally flame resistant without use of chemicals. We also have pillows, sheets, toppers, accessories, as well as handmade wooden beds and quality bed frames. 

Feel free to drop us a line! Also, please let us know if you'd like to receive news of our upcoming sales and promotions.

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NightTime by Nature

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